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Fitness and Diet part 1

Due to the fact that people are always asking me about my diet I decided to share something with all of you.

I honestly find it a very hard subject to comment on. On one side there are definitely certain basic standards for what are considered healthy foods that everybody should try to incorporate in their diet, (simply meaning all foods on which the majority of scientists are in agree of that have proven to aid in the optimal functioning of your body) but on the other hand everybody is different and will have to find what works for them.FIRST OF ALL…

Often I notice that my friends are given diets, by their trainers or nutritionists, which are very different from what they are eating right now that it is a big challenge to make it their own. So why not instead of changing the whole thing, start by being aware of what you eat and making slight changes bit by bit. This way instead of going on a diet (a way of eating that, without doubt, works or has worked for one or more people at a certain time) can gradually become a new way of eating/feeling. The reason why I put eating next to feeling is because I personally felt that when you start eating different you start feeling differently. There is definitely a connection between the kind food you eat and the way your body and mind respond to that, for better or worse.

So what do I suggest to the people who want to get closer to their goal no matter what it may be (having more energy,feeling better, losing weight,…), Don’t indulge in dramatic change of diet, it’s hard and will only give you (not guaranteed) temporarily result. Instead drop the word diet from you library and gradually begin making little adjustments to your food intake to change your way of living.

Noticed that I did not mention goals like gaining muscle, getting ripped,… before? Unfortunately only changing the way you eat will not be enough for that. Nonetheless this will definitely be a necessity to convert the valuable training sessions in the gym into the result you so much aspire!